Finding your man the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that’s not cheesy or expensive and is actually his style can seem next to impossible. DIY gifts offer an affordable, completely customizable solution that your honey is bound to love.

We’ve rounded up some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him, most of which can be made under $30 and with materials already in your house. And to the passionate procrastinators reading this on February 13th, almost all of these gifts can be made in one day.

Mix Tape, CD, Thumb Drive, Etc.

Never underestimate the power of the mixtape. No tape decks necessary, unless that’s your medium of choice—burned CDs, thumb drives, an online folder, and Spotify or Apple Music playlists all work just as well.

Curate the perfect playlist for your sweetie by including songs you associate with him: your first dance, the first song you sang along to in the car, a song from an artist you’ve seen in-person together, or songs that give you the same velvety butterfly feelings that he does.

"52 Reasons Why" Card Deck

playing cards

If you have a deck of cards and a sharpie, you have the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift. Write one reason why you love your partner on each card. Bind the cards together with O-rings, twine, or simply place back in the box and let your partner shuffle through all 52 sweet-somethings himself.

'I Love You Because...' Frame

sign that reads "I love you because"

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day of the year you tell your man how much you love him. Give him a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving with an “I Love You Because…” frame.

Place a printed-out or hand-drawn “I Love You Because…” sign in a frame with a glass panel. Use a dry-erase marker to add new reasons you love your hubs every day. This romantic gift will keep your love feeling as special as he is all year long.

You & Him Themed Word Puzzle

crossword puzzle

If your sweetheart loves a good word puzzle, make your own! Using an online generator or pen and paper, create a crossword or word search puzzle using clues and words/terms that have to do with your relationship. They won’t know which is better: the thrill of a fresh puzzle to solve or the whimsical romance of your thoughtful gesture.

Scrapbook Journal, Notebook, or Album

Gather pictures, mementos, and small trinkets to create a sentimental scrapbook documenting your lives together thus far. You don’t need a fancy, leather-bound scrapbook or five storage bins of cardstock to make a scrapbook he’ll love.

Cut and paste pictures, poems, song lyrics, ticket stubs, admission bracelets, travel brochures, pressed flowers, and more into a spare notebook, journal, or blank photo album. It's what's on the inside that counts.

Customized Six Pack

bottles of beer

For the brew-loving babe, consider customizing a lovey-dovey six-pack of his favorite beer. Use cardstock and markers to decorate personalized labels with clever one-liners like "Stout For My Stud," "IPA To My BAE," and "Love You To The Moon and Bock."

Custom Beer Glass

Artist using dremel, etching design on glass.

Making your own etched pint glasses is easier than you might think. Grab a plain-jane pint glass from the back of the cupboard, some etching cream, stencils, and you’re all set. The material used to etch glass at home is highly acidic and should not be used around or by children.

Coffee Mixers

chocolate spoon to dip in his cup of coffee ...

If your hubby is more of a morning brew than a late-night brew kinda guy, make him a set of sweet coffee mixers to enjoy throughout the week. These tasty treats only take a few hours to make, and he’ll be reminded of your love each time he takes a sip of delicious, hot coffee.

Coffee Sleeve

knitted coffee sleeve

Chocolate coffee stirrers might be a bit too sweet for a black coffee traditionalist, so why not try an easy-to-make coffee sleeve instead? These custom sleeves can be knit, crocheted, or put together no-sew style for crafters of all levels.

Personalized Photo Frame

Melanie Davis

Spruce up your love’s desk, workshop table, or nightstand with a personalized photo frame. The pictures immortalize special moments between the two of you, while romantic additions like song lyrics, poems, book excerpts, and inside jokes or quotes make it all the more sentimental.

Homemade Beard Oil

essential oil

Gift your bearded bae a homemade concoction of essential oils that strengthens, fortifies, and conditions his luscious (face) locks. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, too—after all, you’re going to be the one nuzzling your face in that newly-conditioned beard.

Photostrip Generator

couple in photo booth

Photo booth strips are a fun, unique way to preserve precious memories, but it’s not often that the opportunity arises to climb inside of a fully functional photo booth.

This online generator takes the photo booth out of the equation entirely, allowing you to enjoy pics of you and your sweetie in this classic format without scouring the tristate area’s malls and amusement parks.

Secret Messages Hidden Around the House

post it note that says "you are incredible"
Melanie Davis

With just a pad of sticky notes and a pen, you can create a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift in virtually no time. Write your man sweet notes and hide them around the house—on his side of the mirror, on the underside of the remote, inside his wallet, or on his steering wheel. It takes approximately 15 minutes and will keep him smiling all day long.

Bacon Rose Bouquet

bacon roses

He gets you a dozen red roses every year, so why not give him a dozen bacon buds in return? He’s bound to love this easy-to-make, savory treat. But we’ll warn you now: he’s going to want this one every year from here on out, so proceed with caution.

Knit Beanie

Knitted scarf and hat.

A beanie is a great beginner’s project for novice knitters, and a cozy cap is a DIY Valentine’s Day gift that your man will actually be able to use on a daily basis. Keep it simple with this no-fuss, no-frills cable knit beanie, or add some earflaps for extra insulation.

Embroidered Jackets, Caps, and Pocket Squares

patch that says "wild heart"

This simple guide to beginners’ embroidery opens the door to a whole slew of embroidered gift possibilities. No need to buy anything new, just revamp something he already has. Customize a Dapper Dan’s pocket squares, add a decorative touch or two to his favorite hat, or create a one-of-a-kind denim or heavy cotton jacket.

Find patches of his favorite teams, TV shows, bands, brands, and more to add to a personalized jacket. You can also add your name or initials to the collar, so any curious ladies will know who gave him that cool jacket. ;)

Most Importantly: Remember What Matters

couple holding hands

When it comes down to it, the best gift you can give your valentine this year is love, respect, companionship, honesty, and support—so don’t be too discouraged if you’re struggling to create the “perfect” homemade gift. The absolute best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with some good, old-fashioned quality time with your person.

And when all else fails, dinner and dessert always work.

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