Mother's Day is just around the corner. This year, start Mom's day off right by treating her to a tasty dish prepared lovingly by the whole family. We've rounded up the easiest Mother's Day recipe ideas kids can surprise mom with to spark joy for her as well as a sense of pride in little ones.

English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

Fresh baked homemade English muffin pizzas on marble kitchen table

Kids will get a kick out of treating Mom to pizza for breakfast. But, no cold pizza leftovers for this dish! Food Networks' English-Muffin Breakfast Pizza is savory, mouthwatering, and most importantly, served in a flash, piping hot ready to be devoured!

Have the kiddos gather and measure the ingredients, as well as assemble the English muffin pizza. Adults will need to dice veggies, prep bacon, and supervise younger children during these steps.

Yogurt Berry Parfait

strawberry yogurt parfait with granola, mint and fresh berries in glasses on white wooden table. healthy breakfast. close up

Getting little ones involved in the kitchen has never been easier, especially when preparing these darling Yogurt Berry Parfaits for Mother's Day brunch or a delicious healthy snack. Simple yet elegant, this creamy, layered, fruity treat is sure to make kids feel like they made mom something truly magical.

Parfaits are easy to assemble and require minimal adult assistance, aside from cutting berries. Allow your children to independently wash and cut the fruit with kid-friendly knives, then have them layer the ingredients in a glass cup. They're guaranteed to have a blast and while getting a little messy too!

Lox Bagel

Homemade Bagel and Salmon Lox with Cream Cheese and Dill

Send Mom over the moon with a lox bagel, arguably the most mind-blowingly delicious way to enjoy a bagel. It may appear fancy, but this classic, tasty open-faced breakfast sandwich can easily be prepared at home, with the kiddo's help! Serve it for breakfast or as a light lunch.

Adults can slice the bagels, while the kids can help get them toasted. Have the little ones put a schmear of tangy, rich cream cheese on the bagel halves using the back of a spoon. Layer the toasted bagels with fresh cucumbers that the adults sliced along with lox/smoked salmon portions.

If Mom loves some added crunch and heat, have the kids layer on some sliced red onions, followed by capers for a brine-y finish. If Mom is gluten-free and the kids would still like to surprise her with this tasty dish, surprise her with Pagels Bagels from BedRockBakers.

Oven-Baked Dutch Baby Pancake

No one can resist Sunday morning pancakes, but making pancakes with little kids can be a hassle, especially when they don't have their pancake-flipping skills down to a tea just yet. Avoid the mess this Mother's Day by having the kids help prepare Mom a light and fluffy, Oven-Baked Dutch Baby Pancake.

Similar to traditional pancakes, but on a grander scale, a Dutch baby can be whipped up in a flash. Kids will love stirring in all the ingredients and offering up a liberal dusting of powdered sugar to the golden pancake when it comes out of the warm oven! Have the littles top it off with Mom's favorite fresh fruits.

Transform your Mother's Day Dutch baby into a savory lunch for Mom, by having the kids dress the puffy golden pancake with hearty favorites such as fried eggs, prosciutto, and chives, or crumbled bacon and shredded cheese.

Love Toast

Egg in a hole of bread then toast that also known as egg in the basket.

Although it looks complicated, this adorable heart-shaped breakfast is truly effortless. To make Love Toast have the kids gather Mom's favorite bread. Have them spread mayonnaise on both sides of the bread. Then, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, have them gently cut away the centers. Adults can man the stove if children are too young. However, if they're old enough, have them crack an egg into each heart-shaped hole and cook until the whites are set. Mom will swoon at this love-themed breakfast.

Ham and Egg Toast Cups

Many uses for left-over bread at home / Baked Cup Bread with Ham, Parmesan Cheese, Egg & Pea Tendrils / Tasty and juicy with melting cheese, half cooked egg and crispy bread edge, a taste to remember

Have the kids pamper Mom this Mother's Day with these impressive Ham and Egg Toast Cups. Slightly toasted white bread envelops lightly sweet crusted Parma ham with perfectly cooked eggs nestled in the center, topped with chives.

This easy Mother's Day breakfast uses only four ingredients and can be made entirely by the kids with minimal help from an adult. Start by having the kids mold each piece of sliced bread into the muffin tin. After an adult toasts the bread, have the kids finish assembling each cup with a slice of ham, followed by an egg. Serve these tasty ham and egg cups with a side of fresh sliced fruit for a special touch.

Quick and Easy French Toast

French Toast with Syrup

Ask your child what they want to make Mom for Mother's Day breakfast, and we guarantee it will involve syrup. There are endless variations to both pancakes and French toast. But when cooking with kids, we're partial to some of the cozy classics, like this Quick and Easy French Toast. A plate full of carbs is the perfect way for Mom to kickoff her special day.

The kids can impress Mom with her favorite breakfast comfort food, a plate filled with thick, crispy golden slices of French toast, smothered in maple syrup and fresh fruit. All the kids have to do is mix up a delicious cinnamon mixture of eggs, milk, and vanilla. Then have an adult help them dip the bread slices in the eggy mixture and cook them on the griddle.


Homemade Ham and Pepper Denver Omelette with Cheddar Cheese

Don't just have your kids make an omelet for mom, have them make a special M'Omelet with all the best fixings. Have your tater tots practice their egg cracking skills by placing all the eggs in a mixing bowl and then beating them until the whites and yolks are blended.

Next, kids can dream up delectable fillings from cream cheese, avocado, and salsa, tomatoes, and mozzarella, to notable classics like ham and cheese with fresh veggies.

Help your children practice their chopping skills if they're old enough, and supervise the cooking over the stovetop.

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