We’re spending more time than ever at home, which is why investing in your house and its outdoor space has become a top priority. Cold weather means spending more time forced indoors, so with winter approaching, I have been looking for multiple ways to prolong the life of our back patio into the colder months.

I knew I wanted to invest in either a gas patio heater or a fire pit. Quickly, I decided on a fire pit for the cost, ease of use, and mainly, because fire pits are a magnet for gatherings and late-night conversations over s’mores and drinks. After reading multiple reviews and talking to friends and family, I ultimately decided to try the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit.

Editor's Note: We love this fire pit so much that we want to give you one for free! Enter for your chance to win through December 7 at the bottom of this article.

Solo Stove Key Features

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

What sold me on the Solo Stove as the perfect deck fire pit was that it was small enough to move around, weighing only 20 pounds, and it was smokeless! There is nothing worse than having your clothes and hair smell of smoke—not to mention moving every time the wind changes direction. I can’t imagine ever going back to the old way after experiencing this game-changing feature.

Now that I’ve used the Solo Stove, I cannot get over how efficiently it burns. Forget about constantly stoking the fire so it doesn’t burn out. We also purchased the Bonfire Shield to go over the top, which makes it very self-contained. Especially handy if you have kids or pets, the Bonfire Shield protects from sparks, embers, or hot ashes flying out.

Solo Stove Really Pulls the Patio Together

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Solo Stove’s Bonfire model is the perfect proportion for small to medium-sized patios. It doesn’t take up a large amount of space, but it does pump out a ton of heat. The overall design and stainless steel material radiate heat really well—more than your typical fire pit. My bundle came with its own Fire Pit Stand as well, to protect from any heat transfer and ensure it’s safe to use on any surface, including wood. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to clean and will weather well, keeping its look for a long time to come.

My husband raves about how it burns way less wood than most fire pits. We also love the Solo Stove Starters, which get the fire going in no time, without the use of lighter fluid. Once the Solo Stove is cooled, simply turn it upside down to empty the remaining ashes and store. Voila!

From the Back Deck to the Backwoods

Solo Stove Packing

Spending more time outdoors and in nature has been the bright spot of quarantine. We have packed in more hiking and camping in the past six months than in the last six years. A big plus of the Solo Stove Bonfire pit is that it's portable. A perfect camping companion, it doesn’t take up too much space to transport.

Not to get too technical into the magic behind Solo Stove’s Signature Airflow Design™, but the “strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure suck the air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top.” This results in a lively flame with intense heat, but with minimal smoke and ash leftover.

Since it’s designed to keep smoke to a minimum, it’s great to take on nature adventures, because it’s not spewing ash and blowing smoke in the wind. When camping, this is especially important, as fire safety in the great outdoors should always be a top priority. Solo Stove is the perfect car camping fire pit as it comes with a black carrying case with a handle for ease of transportation. The snug-fitting case is also great for storage.

Cabin Fever Has Met Its Match

Solo Stove Fire Pit Camping

Before owning a Solo Stove, I thought starting a fire was a bit of work. I would rarely start one myself. Since owning the Bonfire fire pit, I find myself sitting by the fire most evenings after work. My family is loving this new fall evening tradition. The Solo Stove is the perfect smokeless fire pit to upgrade your outdoor space. It has truly transformed our relationship with our deck this autumn.

Don't forget, now through December 7, enter below to win a FREE Bonfire fire pit!

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